Thursday, June 12, 2008

Please send pro-McCain stuff my way

One reason I started this blog was to track the campaigns of both Barack Obama and John McCain. I guess by putting Obama first I reveal my preference. OK. But I am frustrated by not being able to find enough pro-McCain stuff to present a counter-balance to my Obama leanings. I tried with my riff on Rick Davis, McCain's manager, but his "briefing" on the status of his candidate's campaign, while it made some good points, pushed the spin button too often and made claims in states -- e.g., California and Connecticut -- that were fanciful. My browsings of the Web aren't turning up much that I can use. McCain's economic proposal appears to be GOP-speak squared -- keep lowering taxes on the affluent, ignore those who earn less than the median income, and, in the bargain, continue to bust the budget.

The McCain website.

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